Story Of Determination by Livingstone Kamau

My name is Livingstone Kamau and I am 15 years old. I live in Kandara which is in central Kenya.

My father died in 2005 and shortly after my mother passed away in 2006. After the passing of my parents my sister and I went to live with my maternal grandmother while my younger brother went to my paternal grandmother. Life soon became very challenging, many times we were forced to sleep hungry due to lack of food and my sister and I were often sent home from school due to lack of school fees and supplies.

Johari Foundation came to our rescue in 2009 where they provided us with monthly and weekly food supplies for the whole family, they paid our school fees and gave us school uniforms, books and hygiene supplies. They also offered us counselling services.

DSC03964.JPG My Grandmother Receiving Monthly Supplies

Due to the support of Johari Foundation I started improving in school and after doing my KCPE exams last year, I managed to be the top boy in my school, Karembuini Primary. I scored 332/500 marks. My plan is to proceed to secondary school and then to university to pursue my dream of being a doctor.

Thank you Johari Foundation!

DSC00060.JPG Having A Great Time In Class

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