Bo'ness Public School Johari Fashion Show Success!

Bo’ness Public School, P3 Class showed off their many talents on Friday 1st March during their Fashion Show which was organised to tie in with Fair Trade Fortnight, promote the Johari Seedlings collection and raise funds for Johari Foundation. It was a great success!

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Alan Potters P3 teacher said, ‘Planning and getting ready for the Fashion Show started just after the Christmas Holidays. I wanted every child in P3 to be involved and they had the choice of 3 jobs. They could be models, readers or work behind the scenes.

  • Those who choose to be models visited the Johari website and choose the outfit they wanted to model. Being able to choose their outfit made the children more confident and even more eager to put on the show.

  • The readers read the descriptions available about each of the clothes on the Johari website and wrote their own scripts. These were then read out during the show, when the models were modelling the outfits.

  • The children who were a bit more reluctant to be in the lime-light worked behind the scenes. Some helped on the night collecting tickets at the door, selling raffle tickets and making/serving tea and biscuits.

  • Rehearsals took place once a week and increased to three times a week prior to the event. The models learnt some simple dance routines to dance to, while they modelled their clothes, while the readers learned how to express themselves, pace their reading and speak clearly.

    All of the children put 100% effort into their job making this a real team effort. Staff and parents also helped behind the scenes and some even became models! There was a real sense of community, having all parties involved in this event.’

    Tickets for the event sold very quickly and the evening was a huge success. The children, staff and parents put their heart and soul into putting this show together and it went down a treat with the audience. The children left on a high, very very excited about the whole experience, while the parents left being very proud of their children and the achievements.
    Many parents spoke very positively about the event. They commented on how it was a great night and how great it was to see children so young (7 years old) not only performing but also running the whole show! Other parents were delighted to see staff being up on stage with their children willing to take part and do their bit too for Johari.


    The event has been so successful that P2 have already been practising their modelling moves in the playground, in case they are in with a chance to be models next year! Mr Potters said, ‘After the success of this event, I think it’s fair to say, this will be an annual event at Bo’ness Public School. If any teacher is thinking about doing something with their class for charity I would highly recommend them considering this project. The kids and parents will love it! We raised over £500 from the Fashion Show for Johari Foundation and sales of Johari products were in the region of £400.’

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