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Posted by Foundation on June 20, 2014 2:00 PM

More Fundraising Success From SEP!

Catherine Simpson from SEP hosted a Johari House Party last week to help raise funds for the establishment of the Miale Small Business Start Up Project.

Catherine raised a fantastic £200 in donations and a massive £445 worth of sales of Johari products! Her 9 year old daughter helped run the sales stall and was the top sales person of the evening, we think it helped that she was modelling one of the Seedlings t-shirts! The most popular items were the Seedlings T-Shirts and our glass jewellery items.

Catherine said;
“Hosting a Johari party was a brilliant excuse to get friends together. The chat was great and thanks to the enthusiastic sales pitch from my 9 year old daughter everyone enjoyed some retail therapy too – and all for a worthy cause!”

It's great to see the team at SEP being so inventive with their fundraising and we wish them all the best as they near the end of their fundraising target of £28,000. Not long to go now!

johariWebsiteHomepageSlidesSeedlings3.jpg The Zebra T-Shirt proved to be a popular choice!

Posted by Foundation on May 27, 2014 10:20 AM

World Hunger Day: Kandara

We are continuing the promotion of our Miale Feeding Project in the run up to World Hunger Day with today's focus being on the Feeding Project in Kandara.

Unlike our Feeding Project in Kibera where the children on our projects and their families are very much reliant on food parcels, our families in Kandara are becoming less dependent on these hand outs.

Through our Guardian Empowerment Project the parents and guardians in Kandara have been trained in specific farming and production methods and livestock rearing.



This has empowered the community and has improved food security, sustained livelihoods and reduced the level of poverty and dependancy amongst the guardians and children. We are predicting that in the very near future the families in Kandara will no longer be reliant on any food parcels or hand outs. But for now they still need our support. Help feed children in Kenya in the run up to World Hunger Day by simply texting KULA14 £5 to 70070, it really couldn't be easier!


Posted by Foundation on May 21, 2014 11:40 AM

World Hunger Day

With World Hunger Day on the 28th of May fast approaching we're promoting our Miale Feeding Project which provides the children and young adults on our social development projects with weekly and monthly food supplies for themselves and their families.

Each week the children receive supplies of fresh vegetables, bread and maize. They also receive a monthly supply of tea, sugar, paraffin, flour and hygiene supplies.


Feeding over 200 children and their families is no easy task and certainly not a cheap one! With food costs in Kenya continually rising, the Miale Feeding Project is Johari's most expensive project to run. The families in Kibera are very much dependent on the food parcels due to lack of land available for growing their own crops.


Johari needs your support more than ever and you can help feed a child in Kenya in the run up to World Hunger Day by simply texting KULA14 £5 to 70070, it really couldn't be easier!


Posted by Foundation on May 16, 2014 9:41 AM

Fundraising Progress from Scottish Equity Partners

Long term Johari supporters, Scottish Equity Partners are well on their way to reaching their massive £28k fundraising target in order to establish and support the Miale Small Business Start Up Project.

The staff at SEP have been busy organising lots of exciting fundraising events over the past six months ranging from Johari House Parties, 10km runs and Burns Suppers, there’s even a very brave employee abseiling off Xscape! A group of SEP employees have also planned to take part in the Three Peaks Challenge, a spectacular event which involves walking the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours. The team will set off from the base of Ben Nevis at 5pm on the 10th of June, reach Scafell Pike around 4am, then head down to Snowdonia to finish at 5pm on the 11th June. We think a well deserved rest will be needed afterwards!

Progress is going well with the Miale Small Business Start Up Project with six young adults having completed training courses in areas such as electrical work, beauty and hairdressing and metal work. Five of the young adults are also attached to local businesses in order to gain exposure in their chosen fields.

Hairdressing Training

Training in Metal Work

A big well done and thank you to all at SEP for their brilliant fundraising efforts so far, and good luck with all your upcoming events! We can't wait to hear how you get on!

Posted by Foundation on April 14, 2014 2:22 PM

Regina's Trip To Scotland!

It was a whirlwind few days for Regina, our Social Development Manager when she visited Scotland last month. Regina’s jam packed schedule meant she managed to spend time in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Falkirk and Bo’ness; all within a week!

After a long journey from Nairobi and a good nights sleep, Regina’s first stop on her Scottish tour was Edinburgh where she visited the Aridhia and Johari UK office. Aridhia employees as well as pupils and staff from George Heriots School heard Regina talk about the Miale Projects and the various ways funds raised in the UK help support our social development and enterprise projects. Afterwards, Regina experienced her first British Afternoon Tea sampling the wonderful home baking made by Aridhia employees. Based on the multiple visits to the cake table we think she enjoyed it!



The next day Regina spent visiting Scottish Equity Partners in their Glasgow office. SEP are currently running a two year fundraising campaign to help in establishing the Miale Small Business Start Up Project. This will enable young adults on our Miale Projects to learn new skills and develop their own small business. SEP staff were very interested to hear about the projects progression and were encouraged by Regina’s dedication and enthusiasm.
“Regina’s visit to SEP was really inspirational and has made us appreciate how important our fundraising pledge for the Miale Start Up Project is to Regina and the young adults. Just the injection of energy and enthusiasm we needed!”
Catherine Simpson-SEP


On Saturday morning Regina spent time with the coaches and kids from Giffnock Soccer Centre at their pitches in Glasgow. GSC have been supporting Johari for a number of years both financially and through donations of football strips and boots. It was great for the coaches and children from GSC to meet Regina and hear how their donations have helped the kids and young adults on our Miale Projects. Regina also watched some of the younger children during their Saturday morning training sessions!


On Sunday Regina met with teachers Vickie, Joanne and Alan who visited the Miale Projects in Kenya in 2013 . Their respective schools; Graeme High and Bo’ness Public have developed a strong relationship with Johari. They spent the day sightseeing in Stirling and enjoyed some lunch and a catch up! Regina loved learning about the history of Stirling Castle.


For the next two days of her trip, Regina spent time at Graeme High School in Falkirk with Vickie and Joanne. She had the opportunity to observe various classes such as Art, PSE and Drama and learnt about the Pupil Support systems they have in place; something Regina felt should be more present in Kenyan schools. She also enjoyed a lunch with Vickie and the pupils from Cute as a Button Craft Group who make various jewellery items to sell and raise funds for Johari. Another exciting aspect of her time spent at Graeme High was meeting the staff and pupils from the 'Bike Academy' which is a great initiative helping pupils to develop skills in bike maintenance. Regina came away with lots of ideas on how to establish a similar scheme within our Miale Projects and is looking forward to developing our relationship further with Graeme High. After school Regina managed to make a flying visit to the Falkirk Wheel before dinner with Vickie and Joanne!



On the second last day of her visit, Regina visited Bo’ness Public School with Laura and Ruth where she spent time in various classes including the Primary Three’s who have been busy fundraising for Johari over the past few months. Both staff and pupils loved hearing Regina talk about Kenya and they had lots of questions for her, especially ones involving African animals! Regina also got the chance to learn some Scottish Country Dancing before she left BPS! It was then straight off to dinner with Lesley Carroll, H.T at Grame High with Vickie and Joanne where Regina experienced her first taste of haggis and our national drink; Irn Bru! She loved it!



As quickly as she’d arrived it was time to head back to the airport to catch her flight back to Kenya. A jam packed week but we’d all had a great time catching up and developing future projectsThe schools and organisations she visited were all very encouraged by her enthusiasm and found it beneficial to hear first-hand how their support is helping the children and young adults on our Miale Projects. Regina made a great impact on the people she met and they are all inspired to continue supporting Johari. However it wasn’t just the people Regina met who benefitted from the visit. Regina was overwhelmed by the warm welcome she received from everybody she met during her week in Scotland.

“I want to express my deep appreciation for the support and the great times we had during my visit. It was the trip of of a life time and was a wonderful learning experience and a real eye opener. I consider myself very fortunate for having a chance to get such an exposure and I really value the knowledge and insight gained and your willingness to share it with me. Visiting the schools and organisations who are helping to support Johari have truly inspired me to work with sincerity and dedication. I feel more energized than ever and am looking forward to sharing my experience with our Miale kids.Thank you once again to all for this great gift.”
Regina Wambui - Johari Social Development Manager

Posted by Foundation on November 14, 2013 9:07 AM

Fantastic Total Raised From George Heriots Sleepout!

Following the successful George Heriot's School S6 Sleepout back in October (reported in our previous blog), today our volunteers Charlie Griggs and Ketaki Patwardhan from the school and their Voluntary Service Co-ordinator, Mrs Keohane, handed over a cheque for £1216 to the Johari Foundation. The total raised through sponsorship of the pupils will be split between three good causes; Johari Foundation, Cruse Bereavement and Syrian Refugees. We are very grateful for all of the hard work put into this event by pupils at Heriot's, and we thank them for the time they have committed to charitable causes.

George Heriot's and Johari will be working together to host a sales stall at the school fair on November 30th and other fundraising events are planned for the future.

A big thank you and well done to all at George Heriots for their fantastic fundraising efforts!

Posted by Foundation on November 12, 2013 8:35 AM

George Heriot's Big Sleepout for Charity

Before the October break, S6 pupils and teachers from George Heriot's School in Edinburgh completed a sleepout at school to raise funds for Johari Foundation, Cruse Bereavement and refugees in Syria. The night began at 9pm with some pupils opting for an abseil down the school’s four story high clock tower. Fellow pupils hauled sleeping bags and camping equipment onto the concrete flag stones. To pass the night pupils watched horror films just to put the nail in the coffin of their chances of getting any sleep!

The morning arrived before the night had finished and the sleepout turned into more of as stake out. A handful of people sought out washing facilities, others discretely masked their problems by sitting in Starbucks for a few hours. The chilling winds set the atmosphere for the night, but the morning after (despite the tiredness) pupils were pleased they had raised such a large sum of money to send to great causes.

So far, over £4000 has been raised from the sleepout which will be distributed between the charities and we are looking forward to receiving a donation to support the Miale Projects. This sleep out is the first activity in our new relationship with George Heriot’s School. On the 30th November, a Christmas Fair will be held at Heriot's at which Johari will be hosting a stall and the collection after the P1 and 2 Nativity will also be donated to support the Miale Projects.

Look out for more news on the links being forged between the two organisations.

Posted by Foundation on October 8, 2013 3:25 PM

Julian's Berlin Marathon Success!

Julian successfully completed the Berlin Marathon on Sunday. This was Julian's first attempt at a marathon and completed it in the brilliant time of 3 hours, 06 minutes and 33 seconds!

Julian ran the marathon to raise funds for the children on our Miale Programmes and raised a wonderful £637.25!

A massive well done and thank you to Julian! You deserve a well earned rest :-)


Posted by Foundation on September 9, 2013 4:59 PM

Julian to run Berlin Marathon in support of Miale Programmes


Julian Barrable is in training for the Berlin Marathon. This will be Julian's first attempt at a marathon and he will be running to raise funds to support the Miale Programmes. Julian is an employee of Aridhia and works closely with the Johari team in Edinburgh. He is very aware of the support required to maintain the successful Miale Social Development Programmes in Kenya.

We would like to wish Julian much success with his training schedule and for the Marathon on the 29th September. If you would like to show your support for Julian please visit his Fundraising Page.

Posted by Foundation on September 9, 2013 9:26 AM

Thank You Giffnock Soccer Centre!

Giffnock Soccer Centre has been helping to support the children and young adults on our Miale Programmes and Kids Joy Sports Programme for a number of years. This valued support has mainly involved the collection of football strips, both old GSC Club strips but also a large number of ordinary football kit collected from families of players within the Club. Giffnock Soccer Centre has also also raised money through a number of fundraising events such as sponsored runs, a Disco and Casino Night, a Sportsman's Dinner and an incredible sponsored cycle from Glasgow all the way to Denmark!

This incredible support has resulted in a massive £12,000 fundraising total which was handed over last week at the Giffnock Soccer Centre training pitches by some of the younger team members!


This valuable donation will continue to help in supporting the children on our Miale Social Development Programmes which will help to pay for school fees in particular as well as social support, life skills training and basic food and hygiene items.

A huge thank you to Giffnock Soccer Centre and the Cycle Denmark 2013 team for their brilliant fundraising efforts and support. It’s great to see that a common activity such as football can unite people from very different backgrounds.


Posted by Foundation on May 10, 2013 12:03 PM

Great Send Off For The CycleDenmark2013 Team!

There was a great turnout yesterday to wave off the team taking part in CycleDenmark2013.

Coaches from Giffnock Soccer Centre set off on their bikes to cycle from Glasgow and will travel through Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and finally arrive in Denmark next week. They have been raising a fantastic amount of funds for Johari Foundation through various fundraising events such as Casino Nights, Sportman's Dinner along with the Cycle.

Lots of kids from Giffnock Soccer Centre came along yesterday with their own bikes and completed the first mile with the team before waving them off as they continued on their very long journey!




Johari Foundation Board Member, Tom Cromar lagging behind!

We wish the guys the best of luck on their cycle and thank you once again to all of Giffnock Soccer Centre and the CycleDenmark2013 Team for all their continued support and fundraising. We can't wait to hear how they got on!

Posted by Foundation on April 18, 2013 2:06 PM

Great Support From Giffnock Soccer Centre!

Giffnock Soccer Centre has been helping to support the children and young adults on our Miale Programmes and Kids Joy Sports Programme for a number of years. This valued support has mainly involved the collection of football strips, both old GSC Club strips but also a large number of ordinary football kit collected from families of players within the Club. Giffnock Soccer Centre has also also raised money through a number of fundraising events with more scheduled to take place in the coming months.


In September 2011 nearly 100 children from Giffnock Soccer Centre took part in the Great Scottish Run. The aim was to run 3K and raise funds for Johari Foundation. The children raised a fantastic amount and were able to make a donation of £1000 to help the children on our Miale Social Development programmes in Kenya. A team of members from GSC are planning on cycling from Glasgow to Copenhagen in May to raise funds for both Giffnock soccer Centre and Johari Foundation, in the lead up to this the Cycle Denmark 2013 team held a Disco and Casino Night in November and raised a fantastic £1700. The Cycle Denmark 2013 team have a Sportsmans Dinner evening planned in April to raise even more funds for Johari Foundation.


A huge thank you to Giffnock Soccer Centre and the Cycle Denmark 2013 team for their continuous fundraising efforts and support. It’s great to see that a common activity such as football can unite people from very different backgrounds.
Please donate to the Cycle Denmark 2013 fundraising page here


Posted by Foundation on March 26, 2013 12:34 PM

Bo'ness Public School Reveal Their Fundraising Total!

On Thursday we were invited along to Class P3 of Bo'ness Public School to receive a cheque and hear all about their recent fundraising activities for Johari Foundation.

By hosting a brilliant Johari Fashion Show and holding a coffee morning selling Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits the P3's raised a huge £528.94, what a fantastic amount for just one class!

It was wonderful to hear from the children how much they enjoyed getting involved and raising funds for Johari Foundation, they all agreed they would love to do another fashion show next year!


IMG_3931.jpg Telling us all about their fundraising activities

The children were very interested to hear how the money raised would be spent and were excited to discover it will be used to buy text books and reading books for the mobile library that travels to the schools in rural Kandara where our Miale Outreach children are based.


Another big well done and massive thank you to Mr Potters and all of P3 for your hard work and dedication.

Posted by Foundation on March 4, 2013 5:11 PM

Bo'ness Public School Johari Fashion Show Success!

Bo’ness Public School, P3 Class showed off their many talents on Friday 1st March during their Fashion Show which was organised to tie in with Fair Trade Fortnight, promote the Johari Seedlings collection and raise funds for Johari Foundation. It was a great success!

005.JPG 009.JPG

Alan Potters P3 teacher said, ‘Planning and getting ready for the Fashion Show started just after the Christmas Holidays. I wanted every child in P3 to be involved and they had the choice of 3 jobs. They could be models, readers or work behind the scenes.

  • Those who choose to be models visited the Johari website and choose the outfit they wanted to model. Being able to choose their outfit made the children more confident and even more eager to put on the show.

  • The readers read the descriptions available about each of the clothes on the Johari website and wrote their own scripts. These were then read out during the show, when the models were modelling the outfits.

  • The children who were a bit more reluctant to be in the lime-light worked behind the scenes. Some helped on the night collecting tickets at the door, selling raffle tickets and making/serving tea and biscuits.

  • Rehearsals took place once a week and increased to three times a week prior to the event. The models learnt some simple dance routines to dance to, while they modelled their clothes, while the readers learned how to express themselves, pace their reading and speak clearly.

    All of the children put 100% effort into their job making this a real team effort. Staff and parents also helped behind the scenes and some even became models! There was a real sense of community, having all parties involved in this event.’

    Tickets for the event sold very quickly and the evening was a huge success. The children, staff and parents put their heart and soul into putting this show together and it went down a treat with the audience. The children left on a high, very very excited about the whole experience, while the parents left being very proud of their children and the achievements.
    Many parents spoke very positively about the event. They commented on how it was a great night and how great it was to see children so young (7 years old) not only performing but also running the whole show! Other parents were delighted to see staff being up on stage with their children willing to take part and do their bit too for Johari.


    The event has been so successful that P2 have already been practising their modelling moves in the playground, in case they are in with a chance to be models next year! Mr Potters said, ‘After the success of this event, I think it’s fair to say, this will be an annual event at Bo’ness Public School. If any teacher is thinking about doing something with their class for charity I would highly recommend them considering this project. The kids and parents will love it! We raised over £500 from the Fashion Show for Johari Foundation and sales of Johari products were in the region of £400.’

    Posted by Foundation on February 25, 2013 2:15 PM

    A Class Act - P3 Bo'ness Public support Johari Foundation and Fairtrade

    Bo'ness Public School have been involved with Johari Foundation since 2010 and have been helping raise funds to support the Miale Programmes in Kenya.

    In 2010 the school also became a Fairtrade School. To maintain Fairtrade status the school need to achieve 5 goals each academic year. These goals include -

  • Have a Fairtrade Committee of staff, pupil and parents and hold at least 3 meetings per year.
  • Promote Fairtrade through learning and teaching in at least 3 subject areas
  • Promote the use of Fairtrade products in school
  • Promote the use of Fairtrade products in the community
  • Organise an event during Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Mr Potters and his Primary 3 class are currently responsible for achieveing these targets.

    In early September 2012 Primary 3 nominated Johari Foundation as their class charity. Having already participated in some fundraising events for Johari Foundation they were aware of how their fundraising efforts could help make a difference to vulnerable children in Kenya. They had also heard about Johari Foundation's social enterprise; Johari Designs which works to fair trade practices and Mr Potters had suggested that working with Johari could help the school achieve it's Fairtrade targets in a fun, entertaining and educational way.

    Here is Primary 3's journey so far in working towards their targets.

    Meeting Goal 1

    Ruth, Laura and Charity from Johari Foundation visited our class to tell us about Johari Foundation, the Miale Programmes and Johari Designs. We enjoyed hearing about the children and wanted to do more to help and also liked the things Johari Designs make. We also saw Zoe one of the P4 pupils in our school get her Seedlings t-shirt as she was one of the winners of the Johari Seedlings Design Competition in 2012. We thought that we would be able to help Johari Foundation. So, at one of our meetings we planned to have a Fairtrade event to tie in with Fairtrade Fortnight and decided to organise a Johari Fashion Show modelling the Johari Seedlings clothing. That way we could promote Johari whilst helping raise funds for the Miale Programmes.

    Meeting Goal 2

    As part of our Social Studies we were able to learn the features of a map and find both Scotland and Kenya on a World Map. We explored features of the Scottish landscape and compared these to the landscape of Kenya. We also looked at the differences in food, compared housing, the weather and impact on the climate.

    As part of our Expressive Art programme we have been learning short dance routines which we will use when modelling the Seedlings range during the Fashion Show.

    During Rehersal

    Fashion%20Show%202.jpg Picture3.jpg

    To help with our Language skills we have been learning to read scripts and describe the clothing we are going to model.This is difficult as we have to think about reading pace, emphasis on words and making sure that we speak clearly so the audience will be able to understand us. We are also working on note taking so that we can do a write up after the event and hold a press conference about what we have done and how much we have raised.

    Meeting Goals 3-5

    It's only a few days now until our Johari Fashion Show. We are all very excited but a bit nervous too. As it's Fairtrade Fortnight we are pleased that we are able to hold the Johari Fashion during this time. We will not only be promoting Johari we will also be selling Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits on the night. As the event in open to the community we are able to meet lots of goals at once.

    We have had great fun working with Johari Foundation and can't wait to model the Johari Seedlings range on Friday 1st March, we have even got some of our teachers to model the Johari ladieswear collection and it will be fun seeing them. Later on in March we will hold a coffee morning to raise more funds for Johari Foundation. We hope to have a big cheque to hand over to Johari Foundation for the Miale Programmes at the end March and look forward to hearing how the children on the Miale programmes in Kibera and Kandara are benefitting from our fundraising efforts.

    Posted by Foundation on November 29, 2012 12:08 PM

    Bo'ness Public School P3 Class adopt Johari Foundation for Class Charity

    Johari Foundation has a long established relationship with staff and pupils at Bo’ness Public Primary School. In September the Primary 3 class enjoyed a visit from Foundation volunteer Charity Ndwiga. This provided a great opportunity for the children to ask questions as Johari Foundation is the class chosen charity this year. The children have lots of fundraising ideas and they will be participating in lots of information exchanges with their friends on the Miale Programmes in Kenya.


    To support the children in developing their money management skills the class are participating in the “micro-Tyco Challenge”, which is a national enterprise challenge run by WildHearts. A trial run at the school saw an initial investment of £1 realising a profit of £91.60 through the sale of cakes, juice and Christmas Cards. The children will donate the profit from this event to Johari Foundation. In addition to this the children are planning a range of events to promote Fairtrade. They will be selling Fairtrade products and any profit from these events will also be donated to Johari Foundation. The main event will be a fashion show which the children will help to organise featuring Johari clothing and accessories. This will take place on March 1st to tie in with Fairtrade Fortnight. Look out for updates on the childrens fundraising ventures in the coming weeks.

    Posted by Foundation on November 27, 2012 3:27 PM

    Donation from Martin Currie Charitable Foundation

    We recently received a fantastic donation from the Martin Currie Charitable Foundation of a MASSIVE £22,000. This donation was a result of funds raised during Martin Currie's Rob Roy Challenge An exciting fundraising event which takes place along the spectacular Rob Roy Way.

    This on-going support and financial assistance from Martin Currie Charitable Foundation helps Johari Foundation continue to deliver long-term support to the children and young adults on our Miale Programmes.


    Posted by Foundation on November 13, 2012 4:28 PM

    Cycle Denmark 2013 Fundraiser

    Cycle Denmark 2013 held a Disco and Casino Night on Saturday 10th November at Cowglen Golf Club in Glasgow to raise funds for both Giffnock Soccer Centre and Johari Foundation. Giffnock Soccer Centre have been involved with the Foundation for a number of years and have donated football strips, boots and kit to Kids Joy; our football programme run in the slums of Nairobi. A fantastic £1700 was raised on the night which is a brilliant amount!

    The Cycle Denmark 2013 team are planning on cycling from Glasgow to Copenhagen next May to raise funds for both Giffnock Soccer Centre and Johari Foundation.

    A huge thank you to the Cycle Denmark 2013 team for a fantastic event and good luck with all your training for next year, we look forward to hearing about your progress!

    Posted by Foundation on October 30, 2012 1:43 PM

    Marlene's Disco Night

    Avid supporter of Johari Foundation, Marlene McFadyen hosted a Johari Foundation Disco Night on Friday to raise funds for the Miale Social Development Programmes.

    A brilliant night was had by all and guests were kept busy with a raffle, guess the weight of the cake competition and of course lots of dancing! Guests were also able to have a browse and buy Johari products at the sales stand, the Halima Dolls being a popular choice!

    £1776 was raised in total which is a fantastic amount and Marlene hopes to make it an annual fundraising event. It's great to have such wonderful support!



    Posted by Foundation on July 9, 2012 1:57 PM

    Rob Roy Challenge 2012

    On Saturday June 23rd Ulf Seekamp from Aridhia took part in the 2012 Martin Currie Rob Roy Challenge. The Rob Roy Challenge is one of Scotland's most successful fundraising events and with Martin Currie Foundation being one of Johari Foundation's donors we are thrilled Ulf took part.

    Covering 55 miles of the spectacular Rob Roy Way Ulf and his team walked and cycled over 55miles and completed it in under five and a half hours! A brilliant result given the very wet and muddy conditions!

    Check out Ulf at the finish line rocking a Johari Foundation t shirt. Well Done again Ulf!


    Posted by Foundation on June 18, 2012 11:57 AM

    Creating Global Citizens

    At the end of May we paid a visit to Kinghorn Primary School in Fife. The school have been helping Johari Foundation to promote the work of the charity and to raise funds to support children on the Miale Programmes.

    The pupils have been busy pulling together photographs and information of; school life at Kinghorn and the town itself so that it can be sent out to Kenya to share with the children they are helping to support through their fundraising activities. Kinghorn pupils were excited to receive projects and toys made by children from Miale Child Support and Outreach Programmes as they help to build a picture of life in Kenya. Sharing infomation, photographs and projects is proving successful in building relationsips between school children in Scotland and Kenya and supporting Global Citizenship within the two countries.

    Kinghorn Primary donated pencil cases full of pencils, rubbers, sharpners and rulers to send to their friends in Kenya to assist them at school. This was after hearing how one pencil is often snapped in 3 to make sure that all children have something to write with.

    Thanks for your continued suppport Kinghorn Primary!


    Posted by Foundation on April 9, 2012 3:21 PM

    Fundraising success at Merchiston School

    Amazing surroundings and a bright and unusually balmy Spring evening helped set the scene for a successful fundraising event at Merchiston School in Edinburgh on 22nd March .

    Ruaraidh Drummond a sixth form pupil organised and project managed the event to raise funds for Johari Foundation and raise awarness and sales of the Johari clothing brand. Supported by pupils from St Georges and Merchiston Schools who modelled the clothing and jewellery, Ruaraidh was able to stage a fantastic event.

    Drinks and canapes were served on arrival and Willie Watt, Chief Executive of Martin Currie Investment Management and Trustee of Johari Foundation highlighted the role of Johari Foundation in helping to support child education and self sustainability to vulnerable children and young adults in Kenya.

    The models looking elegant and stunning in the Johari range as they paraded down the catwalk to the delight of the audience. Afterwards there was the opportunity to purchase items from the Johari sales stand.

    The event raised £400 in donations for Johari Foundation and about the same again in Johari sales. A BIG THANK YOU to Ruaraidh, his friends and the school for helping to support Johari Foundation.

    Posted by Foundation on March 8, 2012 3:49 PM

    Merchiston Castle School - Johari Fashion Show Fundraiser

    Merchiston Upper Sixth student Ruaraidh Drummond is co-ordinating a Charity Fashion Show on 22nd March to help raise the profile and funds for Johari Foundation.

    Johari jewellery and clothing is the focus of the fashion show and pupils from Merchiston and Saint George’s School in Edinburgh will take to the catwalk.

    The show starts at 7pm prompt and entry is by donation!

    Look out for coverage of the show and if you would like to come along email

    Posted by Foundation on February 7, 2012 12:52 PM

    Giffnock Soccer Centre Step up to support Johari Foundation

    In September 2011 nearly 100 children from Giffnock Soccer Centre took part in the Great Scottish Run. The aim was to run 3k and raise money for Save the Children and Johari Foundation. The children raised a fantastic amount and were able to make a donation of £1,000 to help the children on our Miale Social Development programmes in Kenya.

    The children at Giffnock Soccer Centre also regulary donate their Football strips to the Foundation. These are put to good use during football training and tournaments run by Kids Joy Sports Development programme.

    It's great that a common activity can unite children from very different backgrounds.

    Thanks Giffnock Soccer Centre from all at Johari Foundation!


    Posted by Foundation on December 8, 2011 11:43 AM

    Support from Kinghorn Primary, Fife

    Pupils at Kinghorn Primary in Fife recently handed over a very genourous donation to Johari Foundation. The money was raised as a result of their sponsored walk in June. The cheque was given to the Foundation by the Pupil Council who helped to organise the walk and promote it to other pupils in the school.

    Africa is a key theme for the pupils this year and they are participating in a number of projects, onw of which involves them learning to play the Djembe drums!

    Whilst visiting the school we took in scrap books and craft work that children on the Foundation's Miale Programmes made during their time at the Miale CSP After School Club. The children were really inspired by this craft work which included neckalces made out of the Acacia tree seed and cards designed with Masai prints.

    Staff and Pupils at Kinghorn Primary are now working on a whole school project which will be about life in Scotland. This will be shared with their friends on the Miale Programmes early next year.

    A BIG THANK YOU to Kinghorn Primary for the support they have given Johari Foundation in 2011. We look forward to working with you next year.

    Posted by Foundation on September 1, 2011 2:29 PM

    Merchiston School Support Johari

    In late June, after hearing about the Johari Foundation's Miale Programmes from a member of staff the boys from Merchiston School decided that they would do some fundraising to help. During their Sunday mass they organised a collection to raise money to support the children on the Miale Programmes. This was gratefully received and will help towards paying for school fees for the Miale children.
    We are looking forward to an on-going relationship with the boys and staff at Merchiston School.

    Posted by Foundation on June 2, 2011 11:49 AM

    Kinghorn Primary, Fife Step up for Kenya

    All the children at Kinghorn Primary in Fife will be taking part in a 3k walk tomorrow (June 3rd)as they Step up for Kenya and help to raise funds to support children on the Miale Programmes. The walk will be from Kinghorn to Burntisland along the coast. This is a great fundraising effort by the school who have really engaged with Johari Foundation during the past year. We have visited the school to talk about the Miale Programmes and the children have been learning all about Kenya during their lessons. In December the children supported Johari during their Christmas Fayre by hand-making products to sell to friends and family.

    Look out for a further update on this event!

    Posted by Foundation on March 21, 2011 3:32 PM

    Monthly in-kind Donation


    This is a new initiative from Johari Foundation where each month we will be requesting a different in-kind donation.

    The request in March is for stationery sets suitable for boys and girls age 5-16. You can buy these for about £3 or £4 from the supermarket and they usually contain a pencil, eraser, ruler and pencil case. The children on the Miale Programmes would love to have these for going to school and doing homework. These can be handed in to one of the Sumerian offices or the Johari office in Nairobi. Alternatively please post to these offices marking the package for the attention of Johari Foundation. If you are sending a few items and need these to be collected, please contact Johari Foundation If you don't have time to purchase a pencil case you can always make a financial donation for the value of the pencil case using the form below. It's quick and it's easy!


    to make a donation using our secure debit/credit card payment facility.

    Posted by Foundation on February 7, 2011 3:52 PM

    St Josephs Primary, Inverness raise funds for Miale

    The Primary 3 class of St Joseph's RC Primary School in Inverness held a toy sale in November to raise funds for the Johari Foundation. They brought in toys that they had grown out of or no longer wanted, priced them and sold them to other pupils in the school. The children organised the event all by themselves after their teacher encouraged them to think of fundraising ideas that would help to raise funds for the Johari Foundation's Miale Programmes. The children raised £125 through the sale of the toys which will help towards paying for school fees, equipment, basic toiletries and food. We are looking forward to working with the children of St Joseph's RC Primary in the future.




    Posted by Foundation on October 21, 2010 9:06 AM

    Social Month

    As a fundraising idea we hope to partner with some of the wealthier schools in Kenya, in what will be dubbed as the Johari SOCIAL MONTH.
    This will be a month of activity that is involving from both parties. One the children from the wealthier schools will come up with unique ways of raising funds towards the foundations MIALE programmes
    All sorts of ideas will be incorporated right from arts, photography, music arts…..etc we hope we can walk with children from either end of the life`s see saw and come up with a couple of great items. Finally will have a gala day that will culminate the social month
    All these ideas will be sold to their parents and other companies who will in turn donate finances and items for the programme.
    For the next couple of years we want to build a giving culture among our young generation.
    Coming up is what we call CHILDREN GIVING TO CHILDREN initiative.

    Posted by Foundation on September 1, 2010 4:07 PM

    Barry races to support Johari Foundation

    Barry Neilson will be running in the BUPA Great North Run on Sunday 19th September and is raising money for Johari Foundation to help support children on the Miale programmes.

    We wish Barry well in the race and look forward to hearing how he gets on.Click here to visit his sponsorship page.

    If you would like to raise money for Johari Foundation by competing in a race or organising an event please contact

    Posted by Foundation on June 28, 2010 3:53 PM

    The inaugural Johari Seven A-side soccer Tournament

    Planned for the past three months, the D-day was here…..
    27th June 2010….
    Venue: UpperHill High school In Nairobi…

    We are talking about a tournament like no other…..
    The inaugural edition pitted 7 of the best high school soccer teams in Nairobi.
    Ofafa Jericho(one of the schools where we support some kids)
    Hospital Hill
    Uhuru High
    Olympic(one of the schools where we support some kids)
    Upperhill A & B

    All teams were ready for the day each vowing to lift the first ever trophy to these tournament. and be named as the Johari Seven-A-side soccer champions 2010.
    Who will it be ? ? ?

    Having been used to the normal 11 A-side football we had to put a twist to it to add flavor to the tournament……
    Hence the 7 a-side version
    The Day began very well on a very high note with the pool matches. All teams were playing to win.
    After 5 hrs of playing the group matches, we had the 4 best teams to square it out at the semi final stage.
    Olympic High school taking on Upperhill High school
    Hospital Hill high school taking on Uhuru secondary school
    The stakes were high and nothing was left to chance.
    Finally we had the finalists for the day, Olympic High versus Uhuru highway…they dismissed upperhill(who went on to claim 3 spot) DSC_0113.jpg
    and hospital hill in the semi-finals.

    The final game was definitely a cracker and at the end of the full time they drew 0-0. It had to be decided via penalties……
    Olympic took their penaltiesDSC_0003.jpg ....
    and well they had what it takes to be crowned....

    So did Uhuru secondary school...DSC_0006.jpg

    But one team had to win.....and OLYMPIC HIGH SCHOOL carried the day...DSC_0015.jpg

    Presenting to you the first winners of Johari Seven Aside Soccer tournament………drums roll……..Mexican wave in the field………


    We as JohariFoundation Endeavor to offer empowerment through creating opportunity, an these cause comes at a cost and it is for these reason we hope to be fund raising through the seven a-side tournaments every year.
    All the funds go to helping vulnerable children in the area currently being covered by our MIALE program I.e. Kibera where we have a CSP (child support program) and in Kandara where we have an outreach program.

    A detailed booklet will be available soon if you would like to partner with the foundation in the next edition of the tournament , or if you would want to donate to the foundation in any way.
    send a mail to
    Stay tuned to our website for more details on the tournament...more pictures...and the fun that filled the day

    Posted by Foundation on June 21, 2010 4:31 PM

    Bo'ness Schools Step up for Kenya

    Primary schools in Bo'ness, Scotland recently participated in a charity walk to help raise funds for the Miale Programmes. The children aged between 5 and 12 who were taking part in the 'Big Fit Walk'; which is a community health promotion event were also encouraged to 'Step up for Kenya'. Prior to the event they asked family and friends to sponsor them in climbing a virtual ascent of Mount Kenya in steps around their playground or local park whilst taking part in the 'Big Fit Walk'. A whole school approach was adopted in an effort to unite the schools in achieving a common goal of fundraising for charity.

    Johari Foundation is delighted with the efforts of -

  • Bo'ness Public School
  • Public%20School%20Big%20Fit%20Walk%2018.06_1.jpg

  • Grange Primary
  • Grange%20Big%20Fit%20Walk%2018.06_2.jpg

  • Blackness Primary School
  • Blackness%20Primary%2011Jun_1.jpg

    We will also be taking this event to other schools in Scotland in the near future. Look out for stories and photographs about the event in the Fundraising section of the website.

    Posted by Foundation on April 18, 2010 9:39 PM

    Charity Challenge and Old School Sports Day!

    Biggart Baillie and Edinburgh Young Professionals have organised a Sports Day to raise funds for the Miale Programmes. Teams of between 6 and 15 people will compete in a round robin rounders tournament, with some classic school sports day races. It costs £100 to enter a team, for more information please click here

    Deadline for registering: Friday 23rd April.