Miale Social Development Projects


Miale, which means ‘sun rays’ in Swahili, is the name of the social development projects dedicated to giving vulnerable children in Kenya the opportunity to go beyond ‘just surviving’. We believe that every child has a right to a secure family environment and access to education. By satisfying these basic needs children are supported in developing their talents, self-belief and potential, helping them to achieve a brighter more secure future.

Our Team

In Kenya we have a dedicated team of qualified social workers who work closely with Schools in Kibera and Kandara to identify the children most in need of support. Home visits and close communication with children and guardians is necessary to gain an understanding of the situation and requirements. The team are all Kenyan nationals who understand the issues and influences.



As of January 2014 there are currently 103 children over 4 schools in Miale CSP and 88 children in 9 different schools in Miale Outreach. We deliver support through -

  • Paying for Tuition fees, exams and registration of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Standard 8 exam
  • Providing a school uniform, school equipment and lunch
  • Supplying weekly and monthly food essentials to ensure they are fed at home
  • Regular counseling sessions with children and their guardians to check on the structure and relationships.
  • Education and skills development for Guardians through our Guardian Empowerment Project
  • Peer group discussions to help children communicate through sharing stories and learning to respect each other.
  • Out of school activities including a Library, Miale Sports Project, Miale Craft Club
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    Miale Scholarships are available to primary school children attaining the best grades in Class 8. The Scholarship project enables them to join the Secondary schools in their area and pays for school fees, provides school uniform, food, etc. Those children with lower marks can access vocational training and acquire new skills through the Miale Vocational Project. This project supports young adults who have a specific interest in fashion and textiles, hair dressing, mechanics, etc. to take part in vocational training. For those interested in fashion and design they have an opportunity to join the 18 month apprenticeship project run by our social enterprise Johari Designs leading to employment within the organisation.

    Positive Outcomes

    An increasing number of children are passing exams due to -

  • Improved attendance at school
  • Support from our Social Team
  • Improved health through nutrition and health checks
  • Increase in confidence and self esteem
  • Follow the progress of the children we are helping by visiting our Blogs and reading the following Case Studies and Stories.

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