Empowerment through opportunity

Johari Foundation is an independent charitable organisation registered in Kenya and the UK. The purpose - to provide relevant help and support to vulnerable children and young adults in Kenya.

We combine immediate practical support such as education, life-skills, counselling and food assistance with longer term economic opportunities and have social enterprise, micro-credit and tertiary education projects to help create an economic future for the young people we work with.

Operating from two locations – Edinburgh, Scotland and Nairobi, Kenya we have 10 full-time employees based in Nairobi and 2 part-time employees based in Edinburgh. Our approach makes extensive use of a wide variety of volunteers who give their professional and vocational skills free of charge. This way we keep our costs down and our money focused on where it does the most good.

Funding relies on contributions from donors, who subscribe to the view that money and skills need to be allocated to help create a self-funding and sustainable future for the communities we work with. Africa has suffered a lot from well-intentioned aid but that creates as many problems as it solves. We don’t intend to add to this list.

The Miale social development programmes are designed and run by people who are local and understand the diversity of the issues affecting the children. Our social enterprise programmes call on assistance from numerous organisations and individuals who want to use their professional and vocational skills to create opportunities for others.

Through the web site you will find more detail on the things we do. If you have questions or would like to help, please contact info@joharifoundation.org